Spain’s rich history is self-evident and very distinguished traditions have been maintained in various cultural festivals, religious events or popular “fiestas”.

All year round there are regional celebrations that are not to be missed. To name a few:

The Bullfighting or the “Pamplona bull-running” fiesta, the “Castellers” human towers competitions in the Cataluña region, the “Fallas” fireworks celebration in Valencia or the sacred processions of the “Semana Santa” in Andalucía are just a part of the unique and exciting folklore of Spain.

  • Fallas of Valencia
    Fallas of Valencia

    These festivities of popular origins, were wooden structures are burn and fireworks are showcased, are thrown in June to honor of Saint John.

  • Bullfighting

    Traditionally one of the most admired animals in Spain, the bull's power is evinced in popular events such as the bullfighting and the San Fermín.

  • Castellers

    The particular construction of human towers is century-old traditions very still alive inside the eastern regions of  Valencia and Catalonia.

  • Tomatina, Buñol
    Tomatina, Buñol

    Although the origin of this tradition is uncertain, it has been taking place since 1945 and is celebrated the last Wednesday of August every year.