What do you actually know about Spain?

Have you experienced the year round Sunshine, the Mediterranean bright colors of its landscape and its passionate people? Have you seen the rooted celebrations such as the enthusiastic Flamingo, fierce traditions as the San Fermín running of the bulls, or the most excellent soccer teams? Have you encountered the amazing architecture or famous artists such as Picasso’s, Dali or Goya painters, or its well-known handcrafts products?

Spain has to be seen and to be felt to understand. So pack up, and join this fantastic voyage in Spain.

  • Palace of Magdalena, Santander
    Palace of Magdalena, Santander

    Built in 1908 to house the family of Spanish King Alfonso XIII, this beautiful palace combines perfectly the English and French architectural influences.

  • White Villages, Andalusia
    White Villages, Andalusia

    Andalusia offers a very special surprise, a tour around small towns characterized by its whitewashed houses, red roofs and narrow streets.

  • Hanging Houses, Cuenca
    Hanging Houses, Cuenca

    Of Medieval origins, the Hanging Houses of Cuenca is a complex of buildings with wooden balconies built around the 14th and 15th centuries.