To make of your visit to Spain an exhilarating experience we want you to actively take part in the design of your trip, by guiding us, informing us of your preferences and wishes to make of the final services package a really custom made trip for you and your party. Some of the basic services we are pleased to offer are:

Hotels: we provide you with a carefully studied selection of urban hotels, old palaces in rural areas, singular  winery-hotel/guest houses, or luxury resorts in all the destinations.

Transportation: by air, land or sea, the Spanish comprehensive transportations system will serve us to provide you with the best quality services.

Guides / consultants: our team of individuals will be your best companion during your entire trip which will provide you a personal approach to the history, geography, architecture and customs of the locals for a better understanding of Spain.

Restaurants: ViSH will recommend a precise selection of establishments showcasing the wide differences of every local regional cuisine.

  • Hotel Palace Madrid
    Hotel Palace Madrid

    View from the Palace of the Courts in Madrid. On the right side the statue from 1835 of the renamed Miguel de Cervantes, creator of “The Quixote”.

  • 22 Area, Barcelona
    22 Area, Barcelona

    This new neighborhood of the city is a financial district dedicated to innovation and new technologies companies.

  • Ave

    With the convenient High speed trains Spain, it never has been easier to travel around the country’s most important cities and tourist destinations.