As the royal capital of Spain and the hometown of Cervantes, Madrid offers not only outstanding historical sites such as Rococo and Neoclassic palaces but also a cosmopolitan lifestyle that mixes the Spanish charm of traditions and an European modernity.

Madrid opens to visitors some of the most acclaimed art collections and offers a cultural nightlife full of passion and elegance. The city showcases old neighborhoods full of a cozy and historic ambient where writers like Lope de Vega, Quevedo or Góngora once gathered. Surprising restaurants prepare irresistible delicacies and proudly grants guests an enjoyable style of life.

As generally said “if you’re in Madrid, you’re from Madrid”.

  • The Monastery of El Escorial
    The Monastery of El Escorial

    An UNESCO World Heritage Site, served as a political center of the empire the Spanish King Philip II during the 16th century.

  • Royal Palace of Aranjuez, Madrid
    Royal Palace of Aranjuez, Madrid

    Started in 1560 by Phillip II and completed during the reign of Ferdinand VI, is an UNESCO world cultural heritage from 2001.

  • Gardens of the Pleasant Retreat
    Gardens of the Pleasant Retreat

    Located in the heart of the capital and 1’5 square km, is the perfect spot for a relaxing walk or a romantic moment.

  • Plaza Mayor
    Plaza Mayor

    Located in the historic center of the capital and built in the 17th century, this square is the heart of numerous artist, stamps collectors and tourist.