Located in the south of Spain, Andalucía region distinguishes itself by its deep rooted traditions, the warm weather and the  beautiful mountainous landscapes and coastal areas facing both the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters.

Sevilla, the fourth largest city of Spain, is one of the most renowned ancient capitals of Europe. Both Roman and Moore kingdoms left their trace in history and a rich and abundant cultural and architectural legacy. A walk around the city’s most popular narrow and cobbled streets will make you discover elegant cathedral and elegant manor houses.

But a visit to Andalusia in not complete until you have seen, heard and felt the passion of its people which is ahowcased with the flamenco dancing, theCorpus Christi processions or the most surprising fiesta of Easter Week.

  • Square of Spain, Sevilla
    Square of Spain, Sevilla

    This semi elliptical “regional style” square, designed for the 1929 Latin American Exhibition,  is surrounded by the splendid Park of Maria Luisa.

  • Giralda Tower
    Giralda Tower

    This is the name popularly given to the bell tower of the cathedral of Seville, a Word Heritage Site, built during periods of Muslim and Christian faith.

  • Flamenco

    Dancing and music come together in this art famous all throughout Spain that showcases the passion which the Spanish are known for.

  • Golden Tower, Seville
    Golden Tower, Seville

    Right on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, this stone tower, initially built in 1220, was afterwards changed and rebuild in different periods.